Monday, January 16, 2012

2011 was a great year for books

Last year we Bookie Woogie'd many of our favorite brand new 2011 releases:

Blue ChickenCreepy Monsters Sleepy MonstersZita the Space GirlRain Brings FrogsSidekicksWonderstruckChuckling DucklingsBad IslandThe WatcherRibbit RabbitBack to School TortoiseAll the Way to AmericaFairly Fairy TalesA Pet for PetuniaThe Power of CuteOllie the Purple ElephantAnimals Home Alone

Ahhh... if only we had more time for more reviews.  Here are a dozen additional 2011 titles that our family loved just as much, and we think you should hunt down as well:

Grandpa Green


Follow Me

The Last Dragon

The Umbrella

This Plus That

My Name Is Elizabeth

Sea of Dreams

Thunder Birds

Say What?

Buglette the Messy Sleeper

Hugs from Pearl


Sarah Albee said...

What great choices! Some I love, some I don't know--which I will check out!

Blessy Mathew said...

Thanks for the list of picture book recommendations. Can't wait to read them!

Beth said...

Your first choice was one of our favorites as well, which bodes well for your other forgotten favorites. I'll put them on our list.

Kathy Cannon Wiechman said...

Some great titles! Haven't seen them all yet, but will give them a look. Thanks for the suggestions.
Kathy Cannon Wiechman (Swagger Writers)

Sylvia Liu said...

What a great list. I'm going to bookmark this to check out the ones I haven't gotten to.

Amy said...

You've got some of my favorites on here, and some I'm not familiar with - off to find those!

Amy L V said...

I have already clicked on a few of these to check them out more deeply. Thank you for sharing. One can never have too many picture books to hug, no matter one's age! a.

Bill Kirk said...

It's a perfect day to stop by during the Comment Challenge. Lots of book recommendations to browse through. You provide a good resource. I hope you won't mind if I follow your site.

Paul Schmid said...

Thanks for including Pearl on your list, Aaron! All the best to you and your family in 2012!

Playing by the book said...

Thankyou for presenting me with the most delicious reading diet I could have for the next week or so!

MotherReader said...

You guys have such good taste. Love your selections!