Monday, October 27, 2008


Welcome to Bookie Woogie, a children's book review blog by three kids and their dad.

What makes Bookie Woogie different from other review blogs?  Well, instead of hearing what grown-ups think about books for kids, you'll hear from some kids themselves.  You'll see how these particular three kids' minds work... what elements they pick up on... what parts of a story are important to them.

We'll be sharing our favorite new-release-discoveries, as well as reviewing the titles we think are the very best of the best from our 3,000+ collection of children's books.

Here's our plan, beginning next week:
• Try to post every Monday
• Rotate among the four of us in picking the next book
• Read the book, and then record the discussion that follows
• Draw and post original art inspired by the story

We're always excited when people leave us comments!  We would love to have you join into our conversation by adding your thoughts!

Let's meet the participants!

Here's a portrait of big brother Isaac (10), drawn by Gracie (8)

Here's a portrait of Gracie (8), drawn by Isaac (10)

Here's a portrait of Lily (5), again drawn by Gracie (8)

And here's Dad (32), drawn by Lily (5)

Also of note... The book-eating crocodile at the top of this post was created by Isaac for the Love of Reading Gallery over at Mark and Andrea's fabulous Just One More Book podcast, a favorite site and a source of inspiration for starting this blog...

Thanks for joining us!
Now let's Bookie!