Saturday, March 21, 2009

Designing Dragons

Last year, Tony DiTerlizzi had a Design Your Own Dragon contest on his blog to mark the release of his great book "Kenny and the Dragon."  The prize was a copy of his new book containing a special drawing of Tony's dragon Grahame shaking hands with the winner's dragon.  Isaac and Gracie took up the challenge and created these guys:

Pistachio the Party Dragon, by Isaac at age 9
He throws parties at home in his castle, and everyone is invited.  He likes cotton candy, and he enjoys both giving and getting presents.

Tutu the Dancing Dragon, by Gracie at age 7
She likes to dance.  She likes to boogie.  She wears this outfit all the time.  She dances for the king of TwinkleLand.  Tutu dazzles with her dancing tricks.

And, oh happy day!  Isaac and Gracie won a book together with their entries!  And here's the cool drawing Mr. DiTerlizzi added to the endpapers:

You can check out the other winners by clicking here.


Rebecca Gomez said...

Oh, how fun! My son and I just finished Kenny and the Dragon recently. Fun book!

Lynn said...

We left an award for you on our blog:

Z-Kids said...

Thanks for the award I.B.! I'm eager to check out the other sites you have listed there...