Monday, March 2, 2009

Review #18: Museum Trip

Dad:  We just read "Museum Trip" by Barbara Lehman...
Gracie (age 8):  Read it?  How do you read it?  There aren't any words!  You make up the words.
Dad:  Would the book have been better with words?
Isaac (age 10):  It's best the way it is.  Words could have wrecked it.
Gracie:  They should have called this book "Maze" because that's the main part of the book.
Dad:  Tell me about it...
Gracie:  A boy got lost in a museum, and then he went into a secret room where he found a bunch of mazes on pieces of paper.  He shrunk down and did all these mazes.
Lily (age 6):  They're cool.
Isaac:  This book is different than other books.  It's a story about someone who found mazes, but parts of the book turn into real mazes that he goes through.
Lily:  If you want to, you can do every single maze.  And you can do it over and over again if you want to.
Isaac:  I like the cover.  He's pulling the mat back, and behind it you can see a maze.
Dad:  So was it real or a dream?  Did he really shrink down tiny and go though the mazes, or was it his imagination?
Isaac:  Real.
Gracie:  Well, at the end he still HAD the medal he got in the last maze.
Isaac:  The museum guy and the kid both have medals.  So the museum guy did the same thing.
Gracie:  It... was... magic...
Isaac:  It was magic!
Lily:  It would be cool to shrink down and go around a maze on paper.
Gracie:  But what if you never got out? What if you got stuck in there?  Lily IS the wandering one in our family.
Isaac:  It would be cool to shrink down onto paper because - what if somebody saw you?
Gracie: ...and they were like, "Look, Daddy!  Little tiny miniature robots are crawling in the maze!"
Isaac:  But what if you got wrinkled up...
Gracie: ...and thrown in the trash can!

maze, by Isaac

entering the tower, by Lily

receiving a medal, by Gracie

Author/Illustrator: Barbara Lehman
Published, 2006: Houghton Mifflin
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Kelly H-Y said...

Sounds like a great book! And, as always ... the kids' drawings are awesome!!!

Andrea -- Just One More Book!! Podcast said...

Thanks for sharing another entertaining and enlightening chat. I could *just hear* this lively conversation. Must get my hands on a copy of the book.

Thank you!

Mae said...

Great review! For some reason this book reminds me to recommend "The Round Trip" by Ann Jonas. It isn't very similar, except that the author uses the illustrations as a neat "plot device".

Amanda said...

Love the review and the drawings! I need to have my kids do this.

Anonymous said...

I was crazy for mazes when I was in elementary school. In art class, my friend Joshua and I would grab the biggest piece of paper we could find and start making a squiggly, complicated maze. He'd start at one end, I'd start on the other and we'd connect somewhere in the middle. We rarely solved our own mazes! But they were so much fun to make.

Thanks for reminding me of a great memory. I just ordered this book!

Ben said...

I really have to get this book!

ElizT said...

I would quite like a flying medal.

ElizT said...

Sorry! Not really flying, but still wonderful.

Jeope said...

I like how Lily remembered the hood on the hoodie.