Monsters Go Night-Night Blog Tour
photo by Josh Funk

The monsters are going on tour!  Visit all the great stops along the 2016 Monsters Go Blog Tour:

Mon Aug 15  :  Watch. Connect. Read. 
Tues Aug 16  :  100 Scope Notes 
Wed Aug 17  :  Nerdy Book Club 
Thu Aug 18  :  Sharpread 
Fri Aug 19  :  All the Wonders 
Sat Aug 20  :  Playing by the Book
Sun Aug 21 : Writing for Kids While Raising Them 
Mon Aug 22  :  A Fuse #8 Production 

Many thanks to all the Blog Tour participants! 

• Here's a video that debuted during the Tour!  It gives a peek around my studio and also reveals where the characters in the book came from:

• Did you watch the video?  Yep: all the Monsters Go creatures were modeled after random monster drawings my son Elijah made when he was 4 & 5 years old.   The designs are basically my Elijah "Fan Art."  So as a special treat for the book's release, I thought I would expand the Monsters-Go-Universe over the course of the Blog Tour!  Below are some brand new monsters based off drawings made by the Blog Tour participants' kids:

by M. Toft:

in Monsters Go style:

by J. Toft:

in Monsters Go style:

by young Jonker #1:

 in Monsters Go style:

by young Jonker #2:

in Monsters Go style:

by A.J.:

in Monsters Go style:

by Jonah:

in Monsters Go style:

by Lily:

in Monsters Go style:

from Sketch Dailies:

in Monsters Go style:

from Sketch Dailies:

in Monsters Go style:

from Sketch Dailies:

in Monsters Go style:

• I also thought it would be fun to see how other artists would interpret those same original monster drawings that Elijah had made!  So right now on Twitter, artists from all over the world are doing Fan Art of Elijah's drawings in their own fantastic, diverse styles in a #MonsterGo drawing challenge.  I had no idea if anyone would play along, but this whole amazing little community has sprung up around Elijah's drawings -- Over 165 pieces of artwork have come in already!!  Check it out here!  And if you're an artist who would enjoy a fun morning warm-up prompt, I invite you to come join the fun!

Here are a few diverse examples of the fun happening on Twitter:

"Smag" by Elijah:

by @Flodego:

"Tweap" by Elijah:

by @DebIllustration:

"Ippity" by Elijah:

by @geeksarecool:

"Splue" by Elijah:

by @pixeltomu:

"Grubba" by Elijah:

by @katowokato:

"Wobb" by Elijah:

by @westinchurch:

"Numsy" by Elijah:

by @markmeyersart:

• And finally, how about a GIVEAWAY?  Just leave a comment below between August 15th - 30th that relates in some way to something you read on the Tour.  On August 31, I'll select one person to win two copies - one for you and one for a friend.  Good luck!  And I hope you all have a chance to check out "Monsters Go Night-Night!"



Unknown said...

Aaron, I love the Monster tour! The YouTube video is hilarious! I can't wait to show it to my students. I love seeing you and your son having so much fun promoting the book.

Unknown said...

What a great idea! My kids love your other books. This would be a great addition to our home library. Plus I think one of the monsters might be my youngest. Haha!

Kristine T. said...

This is such a fun idea - and great way to engage your audience. I came across a #monstersgo hashtag on a drawing I saw on instagram and then followed the crumbs here. I love that this whole thing started with your kid's drawings. Glad to participate in the fan art portion (at least the tail end). I'll have to share the book with my toddler once he's ready for it. Thank you!

Alysa Stewart said...

Oh good grief! I love the response you gave to the "Bedtime Brings..." prompt. So poetical! And this is such a creative and fun idea! Definitely going to have to read this one to my kids. Enter me in the giveaway, please! And thanks for making great books!

Michele Knott said...

Thrilled there's more nonsense in the world! Off to go order the book now, Aaron! Keep with the nonsense!

Kristi said...

Love the amazing monster drawings. Thiis is inspiring me to plan out a monster themed makerspace in October!

Unknown said...

Can't wait to show my students - and my own youngest - where the inspiration for your monsters came from! Loved the suggestions on Nerdy Book Club, too - many of your suggestions ended up on my Goodreads list for my classroom.

Unknown said...

Love the kids drawings made pro! They are really cute. Can't wait to read this book! :D

Darlene Koppel said...

Love all of these monsters! I especially love the monster taking a bath in chocolate pudding on Tara Lazar's blog. So cute!

Juliana Motzko said...

That's awesome to know how this project starts. It's one of my favourite projects on Twitter so far... Your kid is awesome and his monsters made us smiling all weeks! I'm really glad to participate of this on twitter and now see the full story here! Congrats!

Mrs. Rieth said...

I'm not sure who I am more delighted for, the kid lit world or Elijah. All I can say is-win/win. Bravo!

Z-Kids said...

I've drawn a winner for the giveaway -- Congrats to Darlene Koppel! Thanks everyone for checking out the tour :) I hope you all get a chance to see and enjoy "Monsters Go Night-Night!"
- Aaron