Monday, April 25, 2011

Audio Snippets IV

Our audio recorder is all filled up.  So once again, it's time to blow away the files in order to make way for recording more book reviews!  But before the old audio gets zapped, never to return, I'll share a few highlights for your listening pleasure.  (And in case you missed any the first time around, I've also included links back to the original book reviews.)

This is the fourth batch of Audio Snippets we've shared.  I've never been certain how much you, our regular readers, like it when I break from our routine in order to post these.  I for one enjoy the audio.  Our regular weekly book reviews work really well in a typed-up transcript format.  But sometimes you miss the enthusiasm in the voices behind the words.  And sometimes reading "Ha ha ha ha ha..." just isn't the same as listening to a room full of belly laughter :)

Bookie Woogie began with the three oldest Z-kids.  After a while, little brother Elijah (now 5) came on board.  And I have a feeling it won't be long before little sister Evie (now 3) joins in too -- she's already raring to go:

Suzy Lee's book "Shadow" is fun, fun, fun.  Why do we grown-ups have to over think everything?  It's good that Isaac is here to set me straight:

We are HUGE "Suzy Lee" fans.  So much so, Gracie felt the need to thank her for merely existing:

The book "Mostly Monsterly" features two types of monsters: the Growly kind and the Love-song kind.  What kind of songs would a Lily-monster sing?

What did Gracie think of the illustrations in "Mostly Monsterly"?

It may not be my favorite Christmas carol, but it's still fun when you sing it together:

Isaac was determined not to give away the ending of Tomie dePaola's book "The Baby Sister":

Our own baby sister was soon to arrive!  At the time we didn't have a name picked out yet.  Everyone had their own favorite: Magdalene, Olive, Olivet, Sparrow, and Zion.  We called upon brother Elijah to break the tie...

While reviewing "Dotty," Gracie recalled her own imaginary friend named Ensenta:

Elijah would love to be a japanese spider crab, and he revealed the only conditions in which he would pinch someone:

Lily knows that Dad can touch the end of his nose with his tongue.  So can Kinako the wolf:

The Z-Kids have many skills.  Math may not be one of them.  But Debbie Taylor doesn't seem to mind:

Gracie was quoted for a blurb on the back of a graphic novel.  Dad tried his hand at crafting a blurb for "You Are What You Eat":

One significant way in which the kids and I are wired differently: they love non-fiction.  LOVE it.  I really should work harder to feed it to them more than I do.  As for me?  Not my thing.  But just listen to the passion in Gracie's voice as she tells me about Kadir Nelson's "We Are the Ship":

The kids made wadded up paper bats and paper balls to play "paper baseball" in the livingroom.  Then they assumed the roles of their favorite Negro League heroes:

Sometimes we learn new words:

Sometimes we learn old words:

Sometimes Dad tries to teach a new concept, and the kids start meowing like cats:

Lily has a special connection to "Chuckling Ducklings":

While reviewing "Chuckling Ducklings," Gracie played reporter:

I love Isaac's laugh.  Here he is, cracking up, after showing Gracie his own fan art for "Animals Home Alone":

I've saved this clip to close with.  I'm thrilled with what Gracie told me here about reviewing books and the impact it makes on her.  Awesome.


Heidi Noel said...

You guys sure have fun together.

Heidi Noel said...

Oh, and I like to hear them. It gives more insight and context.

Unknown said...

Meowing!!! hahaha

Donnie said...

Sounds like you all have fun.

Rocky Mountain Woman said...

What a great idea!

sounds like you have a lot of fun..

Judie said...

I am passing your site along to my son and his wife! So many books
! So little time!!!

Unknown said...

What wonderful projects! Well done!

Jenny said...

What a fun idea! It seems like this would be a wonderful family project!

Thanks for linking to Alphabe-Thursday. I'm also going to send this link to my daughter-in-law.

Terra said...

That was fun! I think I might have to copy cat sometime!