Sunday, March 20, 2011

the Great Chuckling Duckling Giveaway winners!

In our last post, the Z-Kids and I took a look at my new picture book "Chuckling Ducklings."  You can see that conversation by clicking here.  Along with that review, we included a pretty hefty giveaway, and now the time has come to announce our winners!

Many, many thanks to everyone for your interest in both the book and the giveaway.  I really appreciate all the very kind comments you left!

Here's a reminder of the prizes...  From the first 100 comments left on that review, 1 person out of every 5 is winning an original sketch of the animal they've requested.  After 100 comments we're drawing from 1 in every 10.  In addition to all that original art, we are also giving away 3 signed copies of my new book Chuckling Ducklings!

First we'll share the winners of the sketches:

Comments 1-5 winner: Beth
A baby pig is called a PIGLET:

Comments 6-10 winner: Jennie
A baby lion is called a CUB:

Comments 11-15 winner: Ben Clanton
A baby goose is called a GOSLING:

Comments 16-20 winner: Heidi Noel
A baby kangaroo is called a JOEY:

Comments 21-25 winner: Andie and Jacob Miller
A baby orangutan is called a BABY:

Comments 26-30 winner: Jo-Ann
A baby owl is called an OWLET:

Comments 31-35 winner: Nina Crittenden
A baby frog is called a TADPOLE:

Comments 36-40 winner: Mary-Esther
A baby puffin is called a PUFFLING:

Comments 41-45 winner: Aubrie
A baby elephant is called a CALF:

Comments 46-50 winner: Reena
A baby fox is called a KIT:

Comments 51-55 winner: Heather Zundel
A baby panda is called a CUB:

Comments 56-60 winner: Anna
A baby penguin is called a CHICK:

Comments 61-65 winner: Megan
A baby cow is called a CALF:

Comments 66-70 winner: Jenny S. Morris
A baby raccoon is called a CUB:

Comments 71-75 winner: Amanda and Nolan
A baby giraffe is called a CALF:

Comments 76-80 winner: Mike R. Baker
A baby hedgehog is called a HOGLET:

Comments 81-85 winner: the Ophardts
A baby sea otter is called a WHELP:

Comments 86-90 winner: Taralazar
A baby platypus is called a PUGGLE:

Comments 91-95 winner: Melissa
A baby meerkat is called a PUP:

Comments 96-100 winner: Mike DeBrosse
A baby koala is called a JOEY:

Comments 101-110 winner: Wiley
A baby sealion is called a PUP:

Comments 111-120 winner: Bridget R. Wilson
A baby dog is called a PUPPY:

Comments 121-130 winner: Chris Kennett
A baby chinchilla is called a KIT:

Comments 131-140 winner: Jacelyn
A baby tiger is called a CUB:

Comments 141-150 winner: Joanna
A baby squirrel is called a KIT:

And now for the 3 signed copies of Chuckling Ducklings. has spoken again, and the winners are:

Ben Clanton!
Amanda and Nolan!

Congrats to all the winners!  (There were a few people I couldn't find contact info for... if you see your name here, but didn't get an email from me, please send me your shipping information.)  Many thanks to everyone who left comments.  And I hope you all get a chance to check out Chuckling Ducklings soon!


Ben Clanton said...

Woot! I'm a winner!

Awesome sketches and so many . . . wowee wow.

Thanks Aaron Zenz and Z-Kids!

Unknown said...

So cute!

Bethany said...

I may not have won, but I still enjoyed all the wonderful sketches (and cute catchphrases as well, very clever). Thanks so much for sharing!

Amanda and Nolan said...

Wow! We are so thrilled! I tried to get a copy of Chuckling Ducklings from the library but now we have our own!! Thank you, Aaron and Z-kids! The sketches are awesome and clever!

Jennie said...

I'm so excited! Thanks for running such a great contest!

Megan said...

Thank you!! They are all so cute! I love my calf. :)

Beth said...

I won! Thank you! My kids are very happy with the picture of a pig, because, as P said, I like pigs. I told him it wasn't a coincidence.

Thanks again.

Momo said...

All of these oozes with happiness and cuteness! Brilliant!

Unknown said...

Wow! Thank you! I just LOVE those little tadpoles!
Aaron- you are so awesome! Thank you!!! :)

Mike DeBrosse said...

Thank you so much! I promise to take care of my Joey :) I can't wait to see it in person. It made my week!!!

Hull.Margaret said...

Awww I'm one day too late to enter..must keep up with my blog reading,
Thanks for posting the pictures with the winners. They are all so great.

Heidi Noel said...

SO excited. Totally made my month.

Unknown said...

wow i really admire that you took the time to do so many of those. gutted i missed out on one!

Deebi27 said...

I am new to these blogs...delightful is my thoughts here!! I love your raccoon SOOO much!!!! My hubby & I hand feed about 1/3 of our 30 - 35 raccoons spring, summer & fall. The rest of the year the food is left out each night for those who want it...most raccoons do a soft hibernation. Thanks and I am looking for the book JUST for that raccoon picture!

Jenny S. Morris said...

Woo Hoo I'm a winner. My little Rahkon is going to love it.

Unknown said...

My squirrel kit is absolutely adorable! I just realised that maybe you wouldn't be able to see my e-mail address- I'm not sure how blogspot works. Just in case, it's

Anonymous said...