Monday, November 15, 2010

Hanging Around the House

Kids tease about the goofiest things.  One day last year Gracie came inside, all upset.  A little neighbor girl told her "Most kids have posters of Hannah Montana up in their room.  You only have paintings by famous artists.  You're weird."  Well, of course we told her not to worry about things other kids say.  And we assured her that in OUR opinion, for whatever it's worth, the Z-Kids' rooms were way cooler than those decked with Hannah Montana decor.  She was mostly upset by the name calling.  She loves her room.

Inspired by the robot drawing in our previous post, I thought today I'd share some of the art that decorates the walls of our home.  Now, I would love to go out and purchase lots of original art.  I dream about it.  But like the factory guys that work day in and out assembling cars they'll never be able to afford themselves, this starving artist isn't likely to be purchasing art any time soon.  We do have some of my own pictures on our walls.  And we've been blessed - incredibly, incredibly blessed - by folks who have shared their artwork with us.  We treasure it.  I thought some of you might get a kick out of seeing a few of the things on our walls...

Signed print from "The Arrival" by Shaun Tan

Signed prints from "Little Panda" by Renata Liwska
(these hang front and center in our living room above the couch)

Original art from a Babybug magazine cover by John Sandford

Top: Original art from Babybug magazine by John Sandford
Bottom, left to right:
Original art by Mike R. Baker
Signed print by Alberto Cerriteño
Postcard by Lori Mcelrath-Eslick
Postcard by Amy Young

Original art from Ladybug magazine by John Sandford

Original sketches by Dan Santat

Update:  Here is some more artwork we've added to our walls since the original post:

Left to right:
Signed poster by Cyd Moore
Original art by Dar Hosta
Original art by Nina Crittenden

 Original art from "My Pony Jack" by Amy Young

Top to bottom:
Original sketch by Cory Godbey
Original art by Adam Rex
Original art by Jarrett Krosoczka

Top: Signed poster by Bill Thomson
Bottom, left to right:
Signed print by Grace Lin
Signed prints by Brook Boynton Hughes

Signed prints by Grace Lin

Do you have any special wall hangings you treasure? I'd love to hear about them!


Rebecca Gomez said...

I love them all! I'm happy to say that my kids have art on their walls too. Okay, well, my son has a Lord of the Rings poster, but can you blame him?

I have several of my own originals up on the walls in my house. But the coolest piece is a mixed media collage that I did with my kids this summer. You can see it on my blog here:

Unknown said...

I have several we got as wedding gifts. That I really love.

Lisa said...

First of all, we have "graduated" to Ladybug, but have quite a collection of Babybugs--The artwork is beautiful--and so is the writing.

Second, I have pictures from my favorite children's books hung up in our daughter's room...Where did you get all of your signed prints? Do you know the artists?

Third--I have a piece of vintage looking wrapping paper, that has the alphabet on it--it's just framed in a cheap, metal poster frame, and it hangs in our "family room"

And lastly! This Summer we painted a picture, as a family, on a small canvas, capturing moments from the season. We need to paint Fall soon! Next to the painting, I will put up a personal photograph from the season. Every year, a new picture will be displayed, as the seasons change...unless I decide I don't want to take the pictures down, and I just add to the collage. ; )

Thanks for sharing the Art in your home--and Kudos to your daughter for having real Art in her room! I hope she has some of her own Art framed and on display...I imagine she does, and that you encourage that.

Z-Kids said...

Hi Rebecca,
Love that collage! Thanks for sharing! I knew you were a writer, but it's cool to find out about your artist-side too.

Hi JD4sMom,
I was lucky to have a college art professor who gave us one of his gorgeous prints for a wedding gift. We love that one too. You can see it here

Hi Lisa,
I'm always soooo tempted to pull apart favorite books for wall decor! I have done that with calendar pages. We got some great Arthur Rackham's that way.

The pictures I posted came in a variety of manners. Some of the artists we know, some pictures were won as prizes, some were just generously given as gifts.

The kids have lots of their art up too. A TON of it hangs in my studio room. My wife's favorite is a set of three paintings they did of a blooming magnolia tree that was at our old house. You can see those here

Thanks to you all for chiming in!

Anonymous said...

Tell Gracie that I think what the Z-Family has on their walls is far more interesting and unique than a mass-produced Hannah Montana poster! (But, I'm sure she realizes this. Maybe we ought to tell her friend.)

I'll tell Corey to pop in because she also collects art from picture book illustrators. I'm very jealous of her Neal Layton pieces from THAT RABBIT BELONGS TO EMILY BROWN. I need to start my own collection!

Keep doing what you're doing, Z-Dad. You're the coolest father in town.

Zoe @ Playing by the book said...

Oh wow... isn't it wonderful how looking at pictures can make you so happy!

Chrys and Mike said...

We have an autographed Hiccupotamus drawing by Aaron Zenz in our kids' room!


Mae said...

Tell Gracie that she doesn't need posters of Celebrities on her wall because she IS a web celebrity! And now that we want to encourage unrighteous pride, but still, she should be a little proud of that!

Most of the art on my walls is my dad's photography. And for my sister's baby nursery she framed pretty flower seed packets for the walls.

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