Monday, March 29, 2010

Chicken Nugget Lemon Tooty

"March" means "Reading Month." 

"Reading Month" means "Author Visits." 

"Author Visits" means a busy schedule for Z-Dad. 

12 school visits and 4 library visits this season (all on top of trying to illustrate 3 books) means I'm a bit behind.  And, alas, this week Bookie Woogie has to take a back seat...

BUT rather than skip a week, I thought we'd raid the kid's other blog for a children's book related post...

Did you know the kids have another blog?  Since 2006, "Chicken Nugget Lemon Tooty" has been a place to capture some of the art that naturally pours out of the Z-Kids.  Last year, to celebrate that site's 3 year Anniversary and 250th post, I wanted to do something special.  The kids had been creating fan art here on Bookie Woogie, and I thought it might be fun to turn the tables.  So I posted an open invitation over there for folks to browse the CNLT archives, find a favorite kid drawing, and do their own grown-up fan art.

The response was overwhelmingly gracious.  I thought maybe we'd get three or four takers.  Instead 73 pieces of beautiful artwork rolled in over the course of a month.  Quite a few pieces were submitted by professional children's book illustrators -- here are a few examples showing the kid's original art and the illustrator's interpretation:

by Isaac (at age 9)

by Nathan Hale:

by Gracie (at age 8)

by Adam Rex:

by Lily (at age 5)

by Renata Liwska:

by Isaac (at age 10)

by Kristi Valiant:

by Lily (at age 4)

by Julie Phillipps:

by Isaac (at age 9)

by Bob Boyle:

On and on it went....  It was incredibly kind of everyone and very encouraging to the kids.  I invite you to check out all 73 illustrations HERE!

(And we'll return to our regular programing next week!)


Carrie said...

How COOL is this?! Off to the other post...

Playing by the book said...

The kids must have been so thrilled with the response! Have you got some of these on your walls now? Off to check out all of the other illustrations now...