Monday, February 7, 2011

Review #85: You Are What You Eat

Isaac (age 12):  This book is by Serge Bloch.
Lily (age 7):  "You Are What You Eat" is about a boy.  He was a bad eater.  A picky eater.  Not as picky as Gracie though.
Isaac:  No one could be as picky as Gracie.
Gracie (age 10):  Stop it.
Lily:  Hee hee hee...
Isaac:  The boy is invited to a friend's house to eat.  He's nervous.  Because they might make something he doesn't like.  But he tries the food, and then he loves it.  He even got seconds.
Lily:  He learned to eat.  But Gracie will never learn to eat.  Poor Gracie.
Gracie:  Grr.
Dad:  What is the cool thing about the story?
Gracie:  The whole entire writing is made out of puns.
Lily:  All these little sayings.  Puns.  About food.
Dad:  And how about the pictures?
Isaac:  The pictures!  The pictures are not like regular pictures.  He takes photographs -- usually pictures of food -- and then he doodles on them so they look really cool.  He turns them into stuff.
Gracie:  He doodles on the food to make bodies and stuff.  He can make a cookie into a head.
Isaac:  I think that would be a fun, fun way to make a book.  To get to doodle on photographs!  I think he must really like his job.  This is a fun idea.
Dad:  What are your favorite examples from the book?
Gracie:  "The apple of my eye."  Because the mom looks really pretty...  the pretty, pretty mom with a very pretty apple in her eye.
Isaac:  I like "Drives me bananas."  It's a picture of someone riding in a banana.
Gracie:  It's the mom.  She's really pretty.
Lily:  I like the page that says "You are what you eat."  The boy looks really funny with peas for his mouth.
Dad:  Can you think of any other food expressions the author didn't use?
Gracie:  "Say Cheese!"
Dad:  Ahh!  There you go!  So is that what you are going to do for your fan art picture?
Gracie:  Yep!  I thought of that idea days ago.
Dad:  Awesome.  We'll have to look up some food pictures on the internet.  Then I'll print them out and you can doodle on them.  Sound good?
Gracie:  Woo!
Dad:  This was a pretty short review.  But I guess the book doesn't need a ton of explaining.
Gracie:  It's just awesome.
Dad:  Can anyone summarize the book in a few words?  Give me a blurb?
Isaac:  I can't think of any right now.
Dad:  How about "Expressive expressions."
Isaac:  What is that supposed to mean?
Dad:  He takes expressions -- common phrases -- and he makes them very expressive.  He adds eyes and stuff.
Isaac:  I still don't get it.
Dad:  How about: "He enfreshens expressions."
Gracie:  Does it have to rhyme?
Dad:  Aw!  "A fresh take on fresh food."  How about that?
Isaac:  I don't get that one either.
Dad:  Ppppbb.
Isaac:  Maybe you should just stop.

say cheese! by Gracie

berried alive, by Isaac

a perfect pear, by Lily

Author/Illustrator: Serge Bloch
Published, 2010: Sterling
Like it?  Here it is


Nina Crittenden said...

Well, now I must get this book! CUTEST illos and PUNS, Z-Kids! Berried alive! Hahahahhahaha
p.s. I am also a picky eater, Gracie!

tammi sauer said...


Another wonderful and insightful post!

I dig those pics. :)


Matthew Cordell said...

I love this round table family review format, Aaron. And I love Serge Bloch. Looks like a winner!

One Woman's Thoughts said...




Just too cute for words.

Amy June Bates said...

love it!

ElizT said...

I like the way it leads to lots of invention, makes a book memorable.

Heidi Noel said...

At the end Isaac sounded like my son with his dad when he gets too silly. Looks like a book we would enjoy in our house.