Monday, October 27, 2008


Welcome to Bookie Woogie, a children's book review blog by three kids and their dad.

What makes Bookie Woogie different from other review blogs?  Well, instead of hearing what grown-ups think about books for kids, you'll hear from some kids themselves.  You'll see how these particular three kids' minds work... what elements they pick up on... what parts of a story are important to them.

We'll be sharing our favorite new-release-discoveries, as well as reviewing the titles we think are the very best of the best from our 3,000+ collection of children's books.

Here's our plan, beginning next week:
• Try to post every Monday
• Rotate among the four of us in picking the next book
• Read the book, and then record the discussion that follows
• Draw and post original art inspired by the story

We're always excited when people leave us comments!  We would love to have you join into our conversation by adding your thoughts!

Let's meet the participants!

Here's a portrait of big brother Isaac (10), drawn by Gracie (8)

Here's a portrait of Gracie (8), drawn by Isaac (10)

Here's a portrait of Lily (5), again drawn by Gracie (8)

And here's Dad (32), drawn by Lily (5)

Also of note... The book-eating crocodile at the top of this post was created by Isaac for the Love of Reading Gallery over at Mark and Andrea's fabulous Just One More Book podcast, a favorite site and a source of inspiration for starting this blog...

Thanks for joining us!
Now let's Bookie!


ElizT said...

Dad, you have a sideways look there!
I think the book review is a great idea.
How do you come to have so many books, are you a bookshop?
I am very interested in children's books, though mostly from the UK and NZ.

Z-Kids said...

Hi ElizT -

First, thanks for your many comments on C.N.L.T. over the years -- The kids recognize the name "ElizT," and your encouraging words are always appreciated!

I started collecting children's books in college because I love them. I later became a children's book illustrator, so have good excuse to continue. However that also means we live on starving-artist pay, so our large collection comes mainly from the dedicated rounds I make to secondhand sources, usually paying 10¢, 25¢, 50¢ a book. Most often I come back empty handed, but it's shocking what kind of amazing finds you can make with consistent persistence...


ElizT said...

I wonder if you have any by Margaret Mahy, e.g The lion in the Meadow, or Down the Back of the Chair.

Z-Kids said...

No, she's a new name to me... But a quick search shows she's got Plenty of titles to her name. We'll check her out! Thanks for the tip!

Shelly B said...

This is awesome! As an elementary teacher, I applaud what you are doing with your kids. What a neat idea!

Lynn E. Hazen said...

What fun! Love hearing from the kids and their artwork is great.
Keep at it.

Terry Doherty said...

Very cool. A blog after my own heart: letting the world know what kids think of the books we share.

Z-Kids said...

Hi shellburns, lynn, and terry --

Glad you found us!


Wild About Words said...

Hooray! What a wonderful idea. Books and art and discussion and family. Love it!
Best wishes,

Little Willow said...

I really, really like your blog setup, with real kids talking about books in real time - and artwork to boot! What a great way to share books with your family AND to encourage others to do the same.

teacherninja said...

Great idea and love the art.

Monica said...

This is such a sweet idea for a blog! I have such fond memories of being read to as a kid. I love that you incorporate art into what you're reading. Making it interactive ensures that they'll grow up to read thoughtfully and critically. Great blog!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic blog - I love books and I always like to read a good review before I choose a new book. You guys are all great reviewers. I'm also from New Zealand so I'll agree with ElizT that you might enjoy some Margaret Mahy, she wrote some of my favorite children's books.

Three Turtles and Their Pet Librarian said...

We love your blog! We are starting our own, but it has been slow going - hard to type with webbed feet, you know. We tried reviewing books in conversation form like you guys, but we found we argue too much. Come say hello when you get the chance - just bear with us as we try to find our own voice(s)

-Yoda, Atlas, and Freaky (three literary turtles)

Lisa said...

This is such a wonderful way to interact with your children and books. I am going to start "following" your blog and involving my daughter, too!

Thank you for sharing!